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Which Earthworms can be used for Composting?

Which Earthworms can be used for Composting

Which Earthworms Can Be Used For Composting?

Which earthworms can be used for composting?  Can any type of earthworm be used for vermicomposting? Only epigeic species are suitable for vermicomposting. 

Epigeic earthworms live on the surface of the soil in leaf litter. These species tend not to make burrows but live in and feed on the leaf litter. Epigeic earthworms are also often bright red or reddy-brown, but they are not stripy.

The most commonly used epigeic worms used for composting are Eisenia Fetida ( Red Wiggler), Eisenia Hortensis (European Nightcrawler), and Eudrilus Eugeniae (African Nightcrawler).