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Composting with Worms is Easier than You Think

Composting with Worms

Composting with Worms is Easier than You Think

In this Article, Renee Elder researches and interviews some of the front runners in Worm Composting, Vermicomposting.  Bentley Christie, who has one of the most informative websites on Worm Composting.  And Rhonda Sherman, one of the authors of Vermiculture Technology.  They share with her the some of their insights and experience about composting with worms.

In this article, Renee explains how easy worm composting can be.  And how Vermicomposting can be done on a small scale unlike normal, thermophilic, composting cannot be done on as small of a scale.  She also shares the benefits to both us and the world we live in.

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