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Vermicompost Defined – A nutrient rich material for plants

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Vermicompost Defined

Vermicompost defined:  The end product of Vermicomposting is a finely divided peat-like material with high porosity and water-holding capacity and is a low C:N ratio.  It contains many nutrients in forms that are readily taken up by plants.  High rates of mineralization occur in the organic matter-rich earthworm casts.  This greatly enhances the availability of inorganic nutrients, particularly ammonium and nitrates but also phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium for plants. Vermicompost also contains plant growth hormones produced by microorganisms and plant growth regulators such as humates.  The production of which microorganisms also play a role.

( Vermiculture Technology By Clive A. Edwards, Norman Q. Arancon, and Rhonda L. Sherman)

Vermicomposting is basically composting with worms.  It is the process of using composting worms to eat unwanted organic waste, i.e. food scraps, paper waste, yard waste, etc.  The main difference between Vermiculture and Vermicomposting is the focus is on producing compost.

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