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Advantages of Vermicomposting over Thermophilic Composting 

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Advantages of Vermicomposting

What are the advantages of Vermicomposting?  As an aerobic process, both composting and Vermicomposting lead to Nitrogen mineralization.  But the presence of earthworms in Vermicomposting increases and accelerates the Nitrogen mineralization rate.  Moreover, the humification rates that take place during the maturation stage are higher and faster during Vermicomposting.  Resulting in a greater decrease of bio-available heavy metals.  There is circumstantial evidence that the final product may contain hormone-like compounds or plant growth regulators that could accelerate plant growth and crop yields.

Benefits of Vermicomposting

Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, and Environmental …

By Clive A. Edwards, Norman Q. Arancon, and Rhonda L. Sherman

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