About Us – Our Mission

At RAWkin Worm Farm we care about health, our health, and the health of others.  We have learned that the nutritional values of our food have declined and will continue to decline as long as our crops are grown in soil depleted of the nutrients and minerals needed to make those food crops healthy and beneficial to us.  In addition to that, our topsoil is being depleted every year.  The erosion of our topsoil occurs when it is blown or washed away.  Without this topsoil we cannot grow the crops that we need for food, not to mention many other crops grown for other various reasons.  In the U.S. it is estimated that 3 tons of topsoil per acre per year is lost, and it takes 100’s of years for that top soil to form naturally.  Composting worms can generate Vermicompost, the highest quality compost there is, faster than any other source.  This Vermicompost can replenish the soil and increase the quantity as well as the quality of topsoil.  Why put all your organic waste, as well as other waste like newspaper, cardboard, even the leaves we rake up in our yard, etc. into a landfill which is only causing more problems when you can let some Composting Worms turn it into Vermicompost, which has been called “Black Gold”.  Our goal is to help everyone understand how AWSOME Vermicomposting also known as “Worm Composting” is, how easy it is, and how much good it can do for them and the world that they live in.