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Composting With Worms Is So Easy

RAWkin Worm Farm – Composting Worms in Missouri

At RAWkin Worm Farm we are here to provide Composting Worms in Missouri and throughout the U.S. and make composting with worms an easy process for as many as we can.  And really, with just a little information you will be well on your way to having great compost and enjoying the process along the way. We will be adding information regularly to help you learn how easy Worm Composting can be.

The Worms are the Key

Composting Worms are the key to the process.  If you are new to Worm Composting it is highly recommended that you start out with Red Wigglers.  Their official name is Eisenia Fetida.  They are the easiest to manage, tolerate the widest range of conditions, breed very fast and thus compost quickly. If you set up your bin or system right they are practically no work at all.

European Nightcrawlers,  the big brother of the Red Wiggler, are good composters, and possibly the best fishing Bait Worm in the world.  Their official name is Eisenia Hortensis.  If you are an experienced Worm Farmer they are a great composting worm.  If you are a new Worm Farmer they are more challenging.  They are more restless when the conditions in the bin/system are not just right. They will often try to crawl out if possible, if not, they will struggle and even start dying.

Worm Compost is Better

The composting worms are what make Vermicompost so much better than normal, thermophilic compost.  Worm Composting or Vermicomposting lets you compost your excess food scraps or farm animal manure easily.  The result is an amazing compost, Vermicompost, that is better than any other type of compost you can buy. The castings(worm manure) in the Vermicompost contain more available nitrogen, potash, and calcium than regular compost.  Vermicompost also acts like an all-natural herbicide and pesticide by increasing the plant’s natural resistance to disease and pests.  If you need composting worms in Missouri or anywhere in the U.S. we have what you need.

How to Get Started

You can either buy a simple, easy to use, attractive, system to use in you home or apartment, or you can make your own container to worm compost in.  There are many ways to do it, some easy, some more complicated, some very inexpensive, and some more expensive. 

For information on how to get started, check out this Super Simple Worm Bin Setup.

It has been estimated that approximately 70% of what we send to landfills could be consumed by Composting Worms.  And the Worms would give us back as much as 60% of what we fed them as “Black Gold” a common title for Vermicompost.

If you want the easiest, least expensive way to give Worm Composting a try, check out our  Compost Worm Mix.  In it, you get Red Wigglers, one of the best overall composting worms, shipped in the bedding that they have been thriving in already so there is little to no adjustment period for them like you get when buying by the pound.  RAWkin Worm Farm – Composting Worms in Missouri, no better place to go for your composting worms.